Web hosting is a very important part in getting a website up. You can’t put an e-commerce store out on the web without web hosting. So, it’s not something that you can consider waiting on. There are some web hosts who provide solutions for free while others are paid versions.

Free Web Hosting

  • It’s free and there is no binding contract so you can leave whenever you want.
  • It’s good for those people who only need a website for a limited period of time. It’s obvious, why they should pay for something they only need just for one day.
  • Mostly, free website hosting providers are notorious for having long periods of downtime; means there might be hours or even days that you won’t be able to access your website.
  • For a limited time, web hosting company would offer free services to get new customers to sign up. But, about a month after your sign up, they would hit you with – if you want to keep hosting with us, pay X amount of dollars per month to keep your website online.
  • Free web hosting providers won’t let you use your domain name.
  • Ads might not sound a big deal to you. But, after a while, it can get very annoying especially when there are multiple pop-ups and distracting banners.
  • They might offer you free web hosting services, but you will quickly find out that disk space, bandwidth, and almost everything else is extremely limited, which can be a pain if you think about to expand your business mildly.
  • When your site goes down, there is no live support. And, it is quite possible you might not hear back from them ever.

Paid Web Hosting

  • Paid web hosting services will allow you use your own domain name.
  • If you go with the paid version, you don’t have to mess around with the games as some free web hosting company play.
  • They also offer unlimited storage space. Additionally, they provide easy upgrades to their users and let them download their whole site if they decide to move it to other hosting company.
  • When it comes to cost of paid web hosting services provider, they are not that much costly. Most of them cost less than $4/month which is not that much for hosting your whole website.

You should be able to make your decision on the base of explanations mentioned above about free web hosting and paid web hosting. By making right decision at the very first, you could save yourself a lot of money and time. However, when choosing a web host for your website, always consider the nature of your business.


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